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Easy help on AP Computer Science

Why use Dinner Coding Time?

Why make this site?

  1. CodeHS has gaps.

    For students who naturally understand computer science, CodeHS is great! Not all of us are like that, though.

  2. It's hard to understand.

    If you don't get the right solution on the first time, it is hard to ever arrive at the right solution. Auto-graders offer generic solutions that don't always work. Meanwhile, they require exactly correct output in order to pass the task.

  3. They're not "bad"

    CodeHS is definitely 'better' than this site, but they're also more general. They've tutorials on 9 - 14 languages (depending on how you define a 'language'), at all levels. We get frusturated sometimes, but CodeHS is incredible, to be honest!

  4. but this can be more focused

    This is not a competitor to CodeHS. It's a companion & a helper site, designed to help you out on confusing assignments. In addition, this site has explanations for how to do the challenges. It helps CodeHS to not be such a just-test-until-you-pass environment.

  5. and help students directly.

    We take pride in being able to help students with every question, because we're students ourselves. If you have a question or something you're confused about, feel free to ask on our Discord or over email!

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